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Tools & Middleware

Lixto provides enterprise-class development tools and middleware to rapidly develop maintainable and robust data extraction programmes and to effectively use these applications to gather and process data from the web on a large scale. Technology from Lixto is in particular well-suited to access, augment and deliver content and data from highly dynamic web applications which take advantage of client-side processing technologies such as JavaScript, AJAX and dynamic HTML in general.


Visual development environment

Lixto Tools

Lixto provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for web data extraction programmes. This framework forms the basis for the Lixto Visual Developer and the Lixto Web Application Testing Suite.


Scalable web data extraction processes

Lixto Middleware

Lixto Middleware enables enterprises to run extremely reliable web data extraction processes. Lixto Middleware is a highly scalable web data extraction infrastructure and supports cloud computing for instance deployment.