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Governance, Risk & Compliance Suite

The Lixto Governance, Risk and Compliance Suite delivers critical, real-time business information to users by integrating web-based business processes across the supply-chain based on web data extraction from supplier portals.

The Lixto GRC Suite empowers business leaders to align process performance with business goals, improve operational excellence in response to changes in the supply-chain, and to manage and measure the performance of process execution across the supply-chain.


Integrate web-based processes

GRC Operations

Lixto GRC Operations delivers the required infrastructure and predefined connectors to integrate business processes across the supply chain based on web-data extraction from supplier portals.

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Analyse process performance

GRC Analytics

Lixto GRC Analytics provides in-depth analysis of the operational performance of web-based business processes and delivers key metrics to track performance changes over time.

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Align processes with business goals

GRC Strategy

Lixto GRC Strategy relates business goals to process performance by aggregating all process performance data into a single consolidated view. Major deviations can be assessed and tracked down to individual process performance measures.

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