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Automotive Supply Chain

Automotive Supply ChainOur clients in the automotive supply chain industry benefit from improved compliance with process standards set by their customers or regulatory bodies. Clients do this by integrating web-based business processes within the supply chain and by systematically evaluating the external rating of their business performance. This leads to reduced risk exposure due to missing information, uncontrolled processes, and unconsolidated key performance indicators.

Business process integration

The automotive supply chain is heavily using web-based supplier portals to provide access to business-critical processes for business partners. Lixto uses this infrastructure to enable a tight integration between the back-end processes in quality management, logistics and engineering of automotive suppliers and automotive OEMs.

  • Enhanced process efficiency: Automated processes reduce cost and time.
  • Improved reliability: Ensure the execution of business processes across the company borders.
  • Increased scalability: Process integration is not limited by human workforce.

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Process performance consolidation

The performance of business processes directly impacts the relationship with business partners. OEMs do extensive evaluations of the quality of their suppliers’ parts and related business processes. For suppliers it is essential to have a consolidated view of their performance over all customers, products and plants.

  • Transparent performance measure: Consolidated view on key performance indicators.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Timely corrections of negative performance trends.
  • Reduced risk: Increased transparency for all involved stakeholders.