Pricing Strategy Services

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Lixto’s strategic consulting services deliver user-defined and optimized industry-oriented solutions that integrate our leading competitive pricing intelligence technologies with the strategic perspective of client’s future goals and planned requirements. Lixto’s Strategic Pricing Intelligence Consulting Services help clients adopt a planned and phased implementation approach so the risks to business continuity posed by technology changes are more easily managed.

Lixto offers a range of competitive intelligence training services to meet our clients’ needs for education and knowledge transfer. Lixto’s live online WebEx interactive training sessions are developed for individual users with varying technical skills. For larger groups of up to 20 people, Lixto offers customized onsite training that reflects the specific usage scenarios required by the client.

Lixto uses a standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) to govern support services and guarantee uptime for its SaaS services. Helpdesk support is offered during working hours, and clients are encouraged to nominate in-house “Power Users” who can provide basic support for casual users. This means that support questions can be better answered within the context of the client’s own operating environment.